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We have a wide range of experience developing user friendly bespoke software applications using several development environments including Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) and Borland Delphi. Some of our Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications have functioned for six years without any issues or any requirement for modification (which is a long time given the rapid pace of today's technology).

We have developed for both small organisations and large corporations, from single PC solutions to applications spanning many computers over a large or wide area network and always strive to build in the maximum usability for the minimum end user interaction complexity.

Many applications require linking to a back-end database and we have experience of using many database platforms including Microsoft Access/MSDE/SQL Server and MySQL.

We are also experienced in producing a seamless software browser delivery system usually over a corporate Intranet utilising server side based scripting technologies such as Active Server Pages (ASP) or PHP.

Many modern work horse applications such as your word processor contain powerful macro languages such as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) which enable automation to be encompassed reducing human input, particularly in spreadsheet packages used for analysis this can result in saved time and more detailed analysis.

The design process will normally involve a consultation to understand your requirements and obviously a quote usually containing mock-up screens to give an idea of functionality of the application. Then the design begins, in the case of database applications the first step is the selection of which database platform to use dependant on the specification and the design of the structure and relationships between tables (schema) that will be the foundation of the resultant solution. As development continues and the interface takes shape the application can be focused tested by end users to encompass their input on functionality and how the interface works. The final closing stage in the development process is testing and deployment; for software applications this will normally involve the construction of an "installation shield", to install the application on client PC's (and also allow for a clean removal if required at a later date).

If you require older bespoke applications updating to a modern development environment then we can help in the transition.

Of course, you may also want the benefit of on going maintenance to your applications, for which we are pleased to oblige. As part of our hand over process we normally ensure that the client is given full commented source code for their application together with information on the development environment and any required third party components, ActiveX controls or Operating System prerequisites should they wish to have their own nominated third party, or even internal staff, make modification to their solution at a later date.

Please contact us for a demonstration of our wide range of real life, working solutions and we can discuss your individual requirements.



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