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Novel Perspectives are a small consultancy based in Derby specialising in bespoke and commercial software development, specialising in Microsoft Visual Basic/Visual Studio/.NET development.

We have several years experience developing robust solutions. Our experience covers a range of development environments including Microsoft Visual Basic, various database technologies and server side scripting languages.

At one end of the scale our experience extends from a few days work to create simple to use front-end interfaces to Microsoft Access databases on a stand alone PC to bespoke applications developed over several months, used by multiple users connecting to robust back-end databases (Microsoft MSDE/SQL Server and MySQL) running over a large or wide area network.

Whether you require automation of repetitive tasks, speeding up interpretation of data, software utilities, software/server side interfaces to databases, we can help.

We understand the problem, find out how existing work methodologies can be enhanced and then create a solution that not only fits your requirements, but is easy to use requiring little or no training of your existing staff.

We have a broad portfolio of software solutions working daily in diverse real life situations. We pride ourselves on producing applications focusing on ease of use, robustness and performing the required task with minimum of effort. We aim to bring software development within the financial reaches of individuals and SME's who may previously have viewed it as restrictively expensive.

For more information on our breadth of experience view our "About us" section.

Our focus has always been to produce solutions, not problems. So if we can help you then please feel free to contact us.



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